Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Day 4 of Self-Discovery & Healing

Day 4: What is one thing you need to work on this week?


I have been done with my last contract at school for over a week and I had my hours met but it feels like I haven't been to school in weeks. In the meantime, I have been looking at my work, preparing for my tests, looking at ways to make money and watching my personal life start to fall apart at the seams. This week I am going to fine tune what needs to happen when we return from Texas. One thing is getting another job because while I love the hospital, they can't give me the hours I need and I can't work the hours that they need me. We have a compromise, which works for both of us, but it's not enough.

I read an article a few days ago that said wealthy people have at least 7 streams of income. Since I have a real understanding of residual income, I know that is one or two of the ways to boost my financial portfolio which currently looks so blank there aren't even lines on it. Focus on a plan to get out of debt, to handle all the things the girls need from me, the house, Joseph and just streamline everything.