Monday, June 5, 2017

My Favorite Things About Me

It can be strange to write about yourself sometimes. It can also be even more strange when you are asked to write about your favorite things about yourself but I'm up to the challenge and I am going to be brutally honest!

I am hard-headed!

This may not sound like something I should like about myself and at times, especially growing up, being hard-headed wasn't always a good thing. Why I like this about myself is because it has given me the ability to never give up and never take no for the final answer. If I had given up I would not be who I am today, I would not be in nursing school and honestly, with all the things I've been through in life, I might not even be alive if I had taken no for an answer or not fought for what I wanted. My mom once told me it is one of the qualities she admires about me.

I am funny!

Yes, it counts if you are only funny to yourself. I make my friends laugh, I make myself laugh, most of the time I can make my kids laugh but sometimes, especially with Lexi, she tells me how not funny I am. Life is so short to not be silly and goofy. I've been through too much to not be able to laugh at myself. Even though I am funny, my family will tell you I tend to be uptight.

I work well under stress!

Sounds like a really good answer to an interview question but to I am being honest. For some, stress disables them to the point of not being able to function. For me, stress is a motivator to get it done. Probably why all my assignments are turned in last minute lol.

I love really hard!

This has caused me some heartache in life but I either love all the way or not at all. Loving hard means I have experienced love and the kind of love that you find in movies or books. I love despite flaws, faults and sometimes, lies. I love hard and I love with my whole self but when I get my gut full, I am done.

I am old fashioned in many ways!

Ok I need people to understand that I realize it's 2017 and things are a little different than in 1917 but there are certain things I will never ask a man to do for me and there are things I should never had to ask a man to do for me. I will gladly keep the house clean, manage the children, do the laundry and cook but I never want to have to take out the trash, do anything other than drive my car and put gas in it. I know how to do these things and I will do them but that's something a man should do for his woman. Bring me flowers, hold open the door, give me your coat when it's cold and let me have the umbrella in the rain. In turn your clothes are hung in the closet, organized by what they are and then by color so it's easy for you to find them, I'll go out of my way to make sure lunch is packed and dinner is hot on the table when you get home.

I grew up poor and in the hood!

I love this about myself because I take nothing for granted. I have never forgotten where I came from and where I've been. Growing up poor made me learn to budget, to save, to do without and figure out how to get what I need. Growing up in the hood opened my eyes to a world I would have otherwise never known. Because of where I grew up my ideas about life tend to not match how I look. I can get in doors because of my blonde hair and blue eyes and then tear them apart with knowledge and logic plus having some streets smarts has come in handy more than once.

Let's get physical!

My eyes!

They are the one thing I love and hate when people compliment them, especially when I was single and it was someone male. I mean do you really think they are all that or are you using it as a pick up line? My eyes are blue but not a regular blue. I am obsessed with my eyes and hate that I have to wear glasses and am not a candidate for contacts.

My nose!

I have a tiny, turned up nose. It's just cute and the same goes for my tiny little ears.

What do you love about yourself?