Thursday, June 1, 2017

Happy Birthday Rhiannen!

Most of the time I spend more time with my nursing school friends than I do my own family. I remember the first day of orientation. I wasn't so sure about the people in orientation with me. The statistics say that half or less will graduate, so you take a look around and you figure out who you are going to try and get to know because after all, these are the only people who know what you are actually going through. Sitting behind me and one desk to the left was this blonde girl with glasses. Her glasses were the first thing I noticed because it seemed like there were only 3 of use who were wearing glasses.
Yes, I stole her pictures but I can do that and it's ok. At first I wasn't sure that I liked her. I mean she had no issue speaking her mind and a filter, well, she still doesn't have one of those but that's one of the things I love about her. She gives it to you straight up without a chaser. When we moved out of the computer lab and into the actual lab/classroom for people who like to talk, I decided quickly that Rhiannen was going to be my friend.

If I could manage to get a baby goat in the picture and some Kendra Scott earrings it would give you just a glimpse into her personality. I can count on Rhiannen to give me a laugh every day, someone I can vent to without fearing judgment but thankful for an honest opinion. I've gotten to know her pretty well from the way that her neck turns red when her anxiety levels really start to go up or the way everything on her desk has to be in just the right place. Our nursing class would never be the same without Rhiannen in it.
Besides being pretty and quirky, she is thoughtful beyond belief. One afternoon I was really dragging and forgot a coffee cup at the house. A quick text and Rhiannen to the rescue.
Another time she handed me this little bag just because she wanted me to know she appreciated me as the class rep. Inside was this beauty which meant she listened to all my stories about Texas.

She is very thoughtful of others. After some issues with the dish soap and scrub brush, she bought a new one for the whole class to use. She is always doing things like that. Rhiannen is the kind of girl you're glad you get to go to clinicals with and that you can share lab experiences with. Who else would play with a butt full of pressure ulcers with you?

She's the kind of friend who will cry with you, laugh with you or at you, will compare stress test result and even eat the donut she swore was going to stay in the box.
I have never met someone quite like Rhiannen and I'm thankful that I get to have just one of her in my life. It's like finding a rare gem that you are lucky to have found. So today we celebrate your birthday! I thank God that we ended up in the same nursing program at the same time. I am blessed to call you my classmate and more important my friend. Never change! Happy Birthday!

P.S. I stole picture from your facebook! Na-Na-Na-Na Boo-Boo!