Saturday, May 27, 2017

Our Visit To Incredible Pizza Company ~ Tulsa, Oklahoma

Today we went to Incredible Pizza Company's Tulsa, Oklahoma location but before we could even get out the door, Lexi and I had to take some selfies.

When we first arrived, minutes after they opened for the day there was a little confusion about my being there. I was able to go as a blogger with U.S. Family Guide. I always have my emails pulled up and my identification just in case. After a few minutes a young man named Zach got everything worked out and we were on our way to get some grub. Don't let the name fool you. The Incredible Pizza Company is much more than pizza. There is pizza of course but also hot dogs, baked potatoes, soup, salad bar, Mexican food, home cooking style food and much to my pleasure, it was not bad at all.

Of course Lexi freaked out when people were looking at me taking pictures of the food. I guess when you aren't a blogger it seems a little strange. Maybe I should get a shirt that says "I'm not crazy! I'm a blogger!" Once everyone was full, we headed to have some fun in the game area

 The first game Lexi & I played was Connect 4. Since I am competitive, I showed no mercy and won without even trying. This makes me want to buy this game for the house when all the kids are here.
 This was by far one of the coolest things that we did while we were there. Joseph was still eating so Lexi & I road the Haunted Mine Train. You honestly feel like you are there. 8 people can go at a time. Thankfully Lexi did not scream but we did laugh quite a bit.
 Incredible Pizza Company has all types of games. Some of the games are simply just games, some you can win tickets that they deposit on your game card (hello paperless) and others are those grabber games where you instantly win a prize. Something else that makes Incredible Pizza Company different that some of those other places you can have pizza for your child's birthday are their attractions.

 There is plenty for everyone. We did mini golf which I will tell you guys about in just a minute but we debated doing the go carts too. Lexi and Joseph played each other in a couple of games. First they played each other in racing motor cycles. Joseph beat Lexi that time

 If I had something to say was a negative experience it was basketball. All but one basketball machine was broken in some capacity. Joseph and I were going to play one another but with only one machine working properly, it made it a little hard.

 Pacman was the other game that Joseph and Lexi played. It was quite funny watching the two of them run from the ghosts, try and work as a team and get all the pellets eaten. Lexi beat Joseph this time.

 The one attraction we chose to do as a family is the Route 66 Mini Golf. It's under a black light and looks really cool but if you are taking pictures, not so much. They provide a score card for you to see who wins. Joseph made sure he knocked our balls back or blocked them. It was really funny and made me glad we did it for fun and not score. On the other side of the score card is a quiz or Route 66 Trivia. If you fill it out along the way and turn it in you can earn 100 tickets. It was really neat going through Route 66 and seeing just how many states it runs through. Of course we were happy about Texas because that's where we are from.


Remember I said there is trivia all along the route? They have these awesome "Did You Know" signs giving your little facts about Route 66.

Incredible Pizza Company was a great time for us and it is for anyone. There is literally something for everyone. Yow can eat, drink and have fun, you can take the stress out of planning a birthday party and let them do it for you while you sit back and enjoy yourself. We had a blast and will be going back when Jill gets home from visiting her dad this summer.

One other really cool thing that we saw there was this beauty, which I took pictures of the tags to show how Texas is with us everywhere we go.


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 did receive a gift card from Incredible Pizza Company through U.S. Family Guide in exchange for my honest review post. All opinions expressed in this post are solely mine.