Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 2017 ~ Month 4 of Nursing School

Today is the last day of May and I still don't have the AC on. I guess that's one of the advantages to living in a house that is 109 years old and covered in shade trees as tall as sky scrapers in the downtown area of every city. May was kind of a weird month when it came to nursing school. When I got my contract I was excited because I FINALLY HAD CLINICALS! The goal was the finish Fundamentals of Nursing, which I did with a 90! Take my dosage calculation test, which I did and made a 100! Get 3 modules into Pharmacology, which I did not thanks to power outages and contract revisions


We had some good labs over wound care and airway management! The two clinicals were sports physicals for two of the local high schools. Let me say that middle school boys have to be the nastiest creatures that I have ever seen!

When you're in nursing school your classmates become more like your family. They cry with you, laugh with and at you, make each other mad, go to bat for one another and you rotate who you are close with. This month I have to give it up to Morgan for being the class cheerleader via Facebook and for the yummy snacks you provided for no reason other than you love us. I also have to thank Rhiannen for my awesome Texas decal or like Lexi says dee-cle!

I felt like I spent less time at school this month than ever before but I got my hours and that's what matters. Here are some more random pics from the month of May!