Monday, May 22, 2017

101 With Photographer David Matthew Parker

101 With Matthew Parker


Reporter: "We are glad to have you. Wow. I'm speechless. So.... tell the audience a little about yourself."

Matthew: "No problem. My name is Matthew David Parker and I am a professional photographer. Moreover, I have a wife named Stella and two kids. One is a boy and one is a girl. My son's name is Matthew Jr. and my daughter's name is Loretta. In addition, I hail from Los Angeles, California. It is an amazing place with beautiful people. Someday, you all have to visit. After I graduated high school, I moved to New York City. While there, I lived in Manhattan and I met my wife. Five years later, we got married and started a family."

Reporter: "Congratulations. That's great to hear. When did you first fall in love with photography?"

Matthew: "That's a good question. To be honest, I kinda stumbled into photography at the age of five. During Thanksgiving, my mom gave me a camera to hold and I started taking pictures. Ever since that day, I have fallen in love with photography. I became a sponge when it came to learning about how to take photos. Eventually, it became a way of life."

Reporter: "Interesting. What type of photos do you like taking the most?"

Matthew: "In particular, I love taking high-end photos such as fashion and culinary dishes. I love taking such photos because it showcases my professionalism and affinity for upscale imagery. With these types of photos, photographers have to pay attention to every detail. In addition, these photos open up a lot of doors. Recently, I got a call from Versace. They said that they wanted me to take photos of their summer fashion show this year. Also, the Food Network asked me if I wanted to be the main photographer for their Iron Chef series. Obviously, I could not decline."

Reporter: "Wow. That's outstanding. I wish I could do that!"

Reporter: "So what's your favorite photo of all time?"

Matthew: "Of all time?"

Reporter: "Yes. Of all time."

Matthew: "That's a hard one. Hmm... My favorite photo of all time would have to be John Lennon."

Matthew: "I liked that photo when he had on his shades with the New York City shirt. It's an iconic photo. As a kid, my friends and I have always been fans of John Lennon. He stood for so much and made great music."

Reporter: "Exactly. You cannot go wrong with John Lennon. Matthew, what advice would you give someone thinking of making photography a profession?"

Matthew: "Here we go with another good question. Personally, I would tell them to never give up. Although it may seem as an easy industry to break into, it's really not. There will be numerous instances when you will want to give up. However, stay focused. Never allow someone to deter you from living your dreams. When you make it, it is an awesome profession. To be honest, I do not know where I would be without it. It is something I would do with or without compensation."

Reporter: "One last question."

Reporter: "Do you think smartphones/point and click cameras done more harm or more good in terms of photography?"

Matthew: "Wow! Well... I think that such devices have broadened the appeal of photography. However, I feel as though it has taken away from the art-form. Nowadays, you have photographers who want to take pictures only with their smartphone. To me, that is absurd. To answer your question, I do not know. I guess we'll have to wait and see."

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