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One Of Jack's Trick or Treaters

  One of my most favorite movies of all times is The Nightmare Before Christmas. You can say that I am a Tim Burton fan if you would like. I would take it as a compliment. My oldest granddaughter saw this movie for the first time a few nights ago. I saw that her mom had posted on Snapchat they were watching so when I called her, she was more than excited to tell me all about watching my favorite movie. Fastforward to tonight. The town they live in hosted a downtown trick or treat from 4-6 (which I like because it's still daylight). She got plenty of candy but when she saw Jack, she had to have her picture taken. She was loving it (in case you can't tell by that cheese on her face). Aftewards, we went and ate at a nearby place where she, her mom and I shared some dessert.  People say that they love their children unconditionally, would die for them without a second thought, and this is true. I would die for any of my children without hesitation if it meant their life was spared

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