Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hello July!

I have patiently waited on July! Alright, I'm lying! I could not wait for June to be over and for July to get here! July is a big month for me.

I FINALLY get to go home to TEXAS. I haven't seen my mama in over a year and I miss her so much. Of course I can't forget about my other family or my friends. You never really know how much some place feels like home until you leave. I only have a weekend there but I am hoping to go home more often.

Eliana turns 1! How in the world is my little sweet granddaughter a year old already? She is having a big birthday party. We do everything big in Texas! Next year I am going to be more prepared and get one of those cute shirts that fits the party theme like "Grandma of The Birthday Princess!" Even though I will NOT be called grandma. I am good with being Nanny just like my grandmother.

Jill turns 17! Oh my gosh how is my first baby girl going to be 17? I mean I do realize this is her senior year of high school but she only has 1 year and she is a legal adult.I am going to hang on to this year like no other. Lexi turns 16! My baby, the last one, the final one. 16! They are all going to be legal to drive! In 3 years they will all be on their own. Time flies by!

I have summer break from school which I love and hate! There are some clinicals mixed in there so I will still be busy. My life is busy and I make it busier for myself but that is all part of my self-discovery which I'll talk about later this month.

Working at the hospital is amazing but they don't give me enough hours so when I get back from Texas I will be taking on a second job that works around both schedules. I have been investigating some direct sales companies but haven't taken a plunge or made a decision about which one. This week I read an article that says wealthy people have at least 7 streams of income/revenue so I figure it's time I get busy.

And then there is the never ending homework for nursing school! July is going to be amazing!