Monday, July 3, 2017

Day 3 of Self-Discovery & Healing

Day 3: What are some things you thought a lot about as a child?

I can honestly sum up most of it in one photograph.

Before there was a Carrie Bradshaw that was my dream. I was a young woman who felt trapped in her own life. I don't fault my parents anymore. Being a parent taught me that kids don't come with instruction books. I was restless. My love of written word was ridiculous. I wanted out. I would sit and dream of my life.

I was going to get done with high school and go to college as far away from Grand Prairie, Texas as I could possibly get to earn a degree in Journalism. When I was done with school I was going to move to NYC, be a writer for one of the big newspapers, live in an apartment that overlooked Central Park, meet an amazing man, have awesome friends and I was never having children. This was going to be my life; balls, galas, socialites and big city living.

I often think about writing and how much I actually love to write though my blog isn't really a good reflection of what I like to write. The challenge with writing fiction is interjecting to much of myself, my personal experiences and people from some point in my own life into my stories and thus it opens up old wounds for some, makes others upset and so I haven't done much else with it but possibly that will change one day.