Thursday, July 13, 2017

BayB Brand Car Seat Canopy & Blanket Giveaway ~ Ends 08/07

BayB Brand Car Seat Canopy & Blanket Giveaway ~ Ends 8/07

Deliciously Savvy is hosting a giveaway in which one lucky winner will receive a BayB Brand Car Seat Canopy and a BayB Brand Blanket. They have adorable matching sets for both boys and girls and winner gets to choose their pattern of choice! Enter Today and Good Luck!

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1 Lucky Winner Will Receive a BayB Brand Car Seat Canopy plus a BayB Brand Blanket in any pattern and style choice!

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Giveaway Dates: 07/16/2017 9PM EST until 08/07/2017 11:59PM EST
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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Day 4 of Self-Discovery & Healing

Day 4: What is one thing you need to work on this week?


I have been done with my last contract at school for over a week and I had my hours met but it feels like I haven't been to school in weeks. In the meantime, I have been looking at my work, preparing for my tests, looking at ways to make money and watching my personal life start to fall apart at the seams. This week I am going to fine tune what needs to happen when we return from Texas. One thing is getting another job because while I love the hospital, they can't give me the hours I need and I can't work the hours that they need me. We have a compromise, which works for both of us, but it's not enough.

I read an article a few days ago that said wealthy people have at least 7 streams of income. Since I have a real understanding of residual income, I know that is one or two of the ways to boost my financial portfolio which currently looks so blank there aren't even lines on it. Focus on a plan to get out of debt, to handle all the things the girls need from me, the house, Joseph and just streamline everything.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Day 3 of Self-Discovery & Healing

Day 3: What are some things you thought a lot about as a child?

I can honestly sum up most of it in one photograph.

Before there was a Carrie Bradshaw that was my dream. I was a young woman who felt trapped in her own life. I don't fault my parents anymore. Being a parent taught me that kids don't come with instruction books. I was restless. My love of written word was ridiculous. I wanted out. I would sit and dream of my life.

I was going to get done with high school and go to college as far away from Grand Prairie, Texas as I could possibly get to earn a degree in Journalism. When I was done with school I was going to move to NYC, be a writer for one of the big newspapers, live in an apartment that overlooked Central Park, meet an amazing man, have awesome friends and I was never having children. This was going to be my life; balls, galas, socialites and big city living.

I often think about writing and how much I actually love to write though my blog isn't really a good reflection of what I like to write. The challenge with writing fiction is interjecting to much of myself, my personal experiences and people from some point in my own life into my stories and thus it opens up old wounds for some, makes others upset and so I haven't done much else with it but possibly that will change one day.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

I found this awesome July Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery & Healing over at Like Kristen! It's July 2nd so I am going to include Day 1 in this post as well. I am at a place in my life where healing is vital for me to grow as a person and each day in nursing school I discover a little more about myself that maybe I didn't know before. So let's go!

Day 1: Choose a goal that you will try to accomplish this month. Write it down here! What are some steps you are going to take to achieve this goal?

I have so many goals I want to accomplish but this month I am going to make blogging everyday my goal. I will pre-schedule posts for a week at a time and have my blog content calendar full of ideas by the end of the day (day 2 - mainly because I've already started it).

Day 2: What makes you a unique person? Write about some things you like about yourself. Keep this list near you the next time you start thinking low of yourself.

There are many things that make me unique. It took me a long time to like who I was because the things that made me unique seemed to hinder me. One major example is that I am very different from many people in my family; simply look at my immediate family and you will see one reason why. My entire life I never quite fit in one place or another and as strange as it still seems to me, many people felt the exact same way. Most of the time I cheer for the underdog. I have a heart for hurting people and work my butt off to help others. I am a little bit country and a little bit ghetto...bet you thought I was going to say rock n roll. Far from a daddy's girl, I am closer to my mama but most like my Nanny in many ways. I was a mom at a young age which means I have longer to enjoy my sweet grandbabies. Overthinking comes naturally, learning is something I seek even when I'm not in school, I am a big dreamer and am really going to carve my way out in this crazy world just wait and see. My friends are as diverse as a box of 164 crayons. My mind is as open as a Walmart Super Center. I like me.

Eliana Is 1!

Dear Eliana,

     I didn't want to write the traditional Happy Birthday type of post so instead I decided I would write you this letter and hope to write you one each year. How are you 1 already? Where did an entire year go? For what will seem like a long time in your life time will seem to go by slowly and then one day it speeds up and it never slows down. The day you were born was magical because it changed me for the better. As I looked down at you cradled in my arms it was like time stood still. You were so beautiful, even more beautiful than I ever imagined you were going to be. At that moment I hated that we made the commitment to move to Oklahoma because I knew it meant I was going to miss so much. You have no idea how much you are my motivation, my push, my drive.

    My life hasn't always been pretty, I have made lots of mistakes but something opened a year ago that I haven't ever told anyone. I looked at you wrapped up in that blanket and I instantly knew it was my job to be for you what I wasn't to my own children. I was going to work hard so that you never had to know what it was like to go without anything. I wanted to be able to be a role model to you as a woman and as a grandmother, to be the one to take you on adventures and vacations, to bake cookies and let you eat all the things your mom doesn't let you have at your house. Every day when I get up I remind myself that I go to school for you, for your aunts, for your mom because we come from a family of strong women. You come from a family of strong women on both sides of your family.
   I want so much for you in this life. I want you to be exposed to many things, to see so much, to experience all the good this life has to offer. I want you to grow up and truly know that you can be anything you want to be no matter what life might throw in the way. I want you to know how strong and beautiful you are. I love that you stand your ground when you want something or when you are upset, I love how much you show your love to Baby Noah because your heart is so big and most of all I want you to know that you are loved. There were times in my life where I wondered if anyone loved me and no matter where I was, no matter what I was doing, I always knew that my own nanny loved me more than anything and I pray that you will always know just how much I love you.

   One day I am going to move back home to Texas so I can be there all the time for you and Baby Noah. I am going to be the crazy grandma who cheers at your soccer games or have the cheers memorized as you cheer on the sidelines. I will support you always. Eliana, I will never be able to truly put into words what you mean to me but know that you are my reason for everything I have done for the last year. Happy birthday sweet baby girl! I cannot wait to see you at your birthday party next week!


Happy 4th of July & 15% off My LaLa Leggings


Hey Y'all!!!! Any big plans for the 4th of July? We are headed to Tulsa to The Folds Of Honor Freedom Fest Fireworks Display! Last year was our first year to go and I will tell you it is something else! The fireworks show is one of the best I have ever seen! You have to get there early if you want to find a good seat. This time last year we sat with some people from Jenks, Oklahoma in the grass at a Quik Trip Gas Station....I know, sounds crazy but we had excellent seats! We made the mistake of taking our two dogs who will behaving their 2nd birthday on the 4th of July! Not this year. They will be safe inside the house because they hate the noise.

So grab your lawn chairs, ice chest full of snacks and cold water, the bug spray and dress comfy! Speaking of comfy, My LaLa Leggings is having an amazing 4th of July sale starting today and ending at 11:59 P.M. the night of the 4th!

They have some really cute 4th of July leggings!

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hello July!

I have patiently waited on July! Alright, I'm lying! I could not wait for June to be over and for July to get here! July is a big month for me.

I FINALLY get to go home to TEXAS. I haven't seen my mama in over a year and I miss her so much. Of course I can't forget about my other family or my friends. You never really know how much some place feels like home until you leave. I only have a weekend there but I am hoping to go home more often.

Eliana turns 1! How in the world is my little sweet granddaughter a year old already? She is having a big birthday party. We do everything big in Texas! Next year I am going to be more prepared and get one of those cute shirts that fits the party theme like "Grandma of The Birthday Princess!" Even though I will NOT be called grandma. I am good with being Nanny just like my grandmother.

Jill turns 17! Oh my gosh how is my first baby girl going to be 17? I mean I do realize this is her senior year of high school but she only has 1 year and she is a legal adult.I am going to hang on to this year like no other. Lexi turns 16! My baby, the last one, the final one. 16! They are all going to be legal to drive! In 3 years they will all be on their own. Time flies by!

I have summer break from school which I love and hate! There are some clinicals mixed in there so I will still be busy. My life is busy and I make it busier for myself but that is all part of my self-discovery which I'll talk about later this month.

Working at the hospital is amazing but they don't give me enough hours so when I get back from Texas I will be taking on a second job that works around both schedules. I have been investigating some direct sales companies but haven't taken a plunge or made a decision about which one. This week I read an article that says wealthy people have at least 7 streams of income/revenue so I figure it's time I get busy.

And then there is the never ending homework for nursing school! July is going to be amazing!